Dear Colleagues,
We hope that you are all safe and well during this unprecedented time of difficulty and
uncertainty. Despite all the new challenges we face every day, life must go on and TESOL
TURKEY is pleased to announce that the 6th issue of Professional ELT Magazine Online,
which aims to provide a platform for exchanging, discussing and fostering ideas related to
English language teaching, will be published in December 2020.

Your contributions in the form of research findings, practices, reviews and reflections are –
as always – welcome and much appreciated. For this issue, however, we also encourage that
you focus on the various challenges and opportunities that COVID 19 has created and share
with our readers the strategies that you used to overcome a difficulty or how you turned one
into an opportunity.
We believe when learners are listened to, their strengths, interests and enthusiasm will
shine through and that we have a lot to learn from our students. Therefore, we would like to
give them this chance and spare a section for their voices. Could you please encourage them
to share with us their experiences, feelings, motives?
Here are the sub topics for your contributions:
1. Changing Beliefs and Values
2. Reflections following TESOL events
3. ELT related reflections
4. Troubleshooting/ Challenges and Solutions
5. Resource Centre
6. Book or Article reviews
7. Learner Voices: “Being a young adult learner in the time of COVID 19: Challenges and
Please follow the guidelines below for your contributions:
Submission Guidelines:
1. Word Limit: 700- 800 words
2. Use black, Calibri 12 pt. font
3. Write your name and email at the top left hand corner of the first page.
4. Make a note of the sub topic you have chosen for your contribution at the top right hand
corner of the first page.
5. Center the title of your article in all CAPS. Underneath the title, write "by [insert name
6. Justify your paragraphs
7. Do not insert extra space between paragraphs, but indent the first sentence of each
8. Please send your contributions along with your photo and a 50 word bio to be published
to by December 14.

We are looking forward to your contributions.
Kind regards, 
TESOL TURKEY Promotion Council