The Events Planning Council (EPC) supports İngiliz Dili Öğretimi ve Mesleki Gelişim Derneği (TESOL) by ensuring that the annual conventions, regional events and roadshows are planned effectively in collaboration with other Professional Councils and Board of Directors. EPC shall set overall goals for each event and provide advice and guidance as needed. The EPC shall ensure that the content and program of TESOL events are focused on current issues that impact the field of English language teaching, responsive to the diverse needs of members and the TESOL field, and aligned with the strategic direction of the association.

Responsibilities and Duties

The EPC shall have the following responsibilities related to its purpose (other tasks may be assigned by the Board of Directors as needed):
1- collaborate with the TESOL International Association staff, the board liaison, and other Professional Councils to develop a framework for determining the content, themes, and the selection of tracks and topics for regional events and the annual convention
2- advance the association’s reputation as the global leader in professional development for the TESOL field by upholding standards of quality in providing unique and outstanding keynote speakers and conference sessions that will benefit the profession and the field
3- uphold and advance the quality of regional events and the annual convention by
collaborating with the Research Council to assess current and anticipated needs as they relate to the call for proposals and proposal review process
setting standards for conference speakers that address session titles, learning objectives, and the development and delivery of presentation content
developing a process to continually evaluate the relevance of current conference and convention programming
identifying elements that will enhance the attendee experience at regional events and the annual convention
collaborating with other Professional Councils to identify trends and issues in the field in order to shape programming at regional events and the annual convention to meet the needs of the English language teaching community
4- collaborating closely with institutions so as to plan roadshows whose programs are shaped based on institutional needs.


Duties of the EPC Board Liaison (EPCBL)

The EPCBL works with members of the EPC on all of the above-listed duties and is responsible for the following:

Delegating tasks to the members of the council
Overseeing that activities and tasks are being completed as planned and according to schedule
Preparing a schedule and guidelines for the events
Seeking the approval of the Board of Directors on the details of the organization of events (time, venue, theme, speakers, etc)
Collaborating with the other board liaisons to ensure the smooth flow of information between councils
Updating members about the events (annual convention, regional events and roadshows) through e-mail, social media and TESOL website.

Terms of Service

The EPC shall consist of 5 to 8 members and a board liaison.

Members are appointed by the TESOL Board of Directors through an application process, the details and calendar of which are announced on the TESOL website. The application solicits information regarding the applicants’ knowledge of the strategic direction of the association, length of involvement with TESOL, professional training, organizational skills, teamwork skills and relevant experience. Once appointed, council members make a one-year commitment to serve. They may seek to renew their commitment annually for up to three years of service. The Board of Directors shall ensure that the council has adequate membership to carry out its duties and responsibilities as specified above.

Membership Criteria

Applicants should have knowledge of the strategic direction of the association and demonstrate strong commitment to the organization. They should also have strong communication, organizational and teamwork skills. When selecting members to the EPC, the Board of Directors, in addition to the above criteria, shall take into consideration the balance between state versus foundation university representation on the council as well as the balance between geographical representation.

Events Planning Council Members 

Beril Yücel (Turkish Education Association (TED) Headquarters) - Events Planning Professional Council Board Liaison

Aslı Yılmaz Ercan  (Marmara University)

Crisitina Mirela Gültekin (Freelance)

Damla Pınar Yapar (Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University)

Mehmet Durmaz (Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus)

Metin Esen (Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University)

Nesibe Bilgiç Atasay (Sabancı University) 

Sinem Atamsoy Koşar (Ege University) 

Songül Tömek (Yaşar University)

Şebnem Öztürk (TOBB University of Economics and Technology)