TESOL Turkey International ELT Conference Proceedings


The proceedings will be published after TESOL Turkey International ELT Conferences. Presenters who wish to have their presentations published must submit their articles written strictly in accordance with the guidelines.

Instructions for Manuscript Preparation


MS Word

Page setup: 2 cm all around

Title: Times New Roman 16 pt bold. Maximum 10 words. Paragraph spacing 12 pt before 6 pt after

Name(s) of author(s): Under the title. Times New Roman 12 bold. Paragraph spacing 12 pt before 6 pt after

Headings: Times New Roman 14 pt bold. Paragraph spacing 12 pt before and 12 after

Sub-heading if used:  Times New Roman 12 pt bold. Paragraph spacing 12 pt before 6 pt after

Between paragraphs: Line space, no indention

Main body: Times New Roman 12 pt with single line spacing



Under the title of the article and the author(s) name

Times New Roman 12 pt italics

Single line spacing

100–200 words regarding:

(a)  the article’s contents (the purpose and other primary pieces of information)

(b)  the benefits to be gained from reading the article. For empirical papers, include major findings.

In-Text Referencing

APA style (c.f. http://www.apastyle.org)


Consistent use of American or British spelling

List of References

APA style


Labeled as Figure 1, Diagram 1, Table 1, etc.

Inserted in the relevant section of the article

Author Bio-data

Maximum 75 words at the very end of the manuscript

Name in bold followed by email address


In order to download the guidelines: http://www.tesolturkey.net/dosyalar/cad5e87c0e0fad4s.pdf