Ankara Local Event     










Our first Ankara local event entitled “ The Road to Wholeness:___?___” took place on 20th April 2018 between 13:30 - 16:30 at TOBB University of Technology and Economics.

This event mainly aimed at exploring the ways to institutional effectiveness by focusing on the quality of our interactions and it was run by TESOL in Turkey Board members, Yeşim Eraslan, Yasemin Yelbay Yılmaz and Beril Yücel. Dr. Simon Phipps was also with us as our guest speaker. We hope that the event also gave professionals the opportunity to meet colleagues from other institutions and develop possibilities for collaboration.

We explored ways to achieve institutional wholeness through a simulation of possible problems encountered every now and then. Participants were invited to take an active part in discussions and activities. We hope that it created a platform for colleagues to reflect on their own experiences/practices and come up with new perspectives to address such issues.














We are pleased to announce that our first İzmir local event entitled “ E-N-G-A-G-E” took place on 2nd June 2018 between 9:30-   13:40 at İzmir Saint Joseph High School in Alsancak.

  This event mainly aims at exploring the ways to engage the students in the lessons of K-12 teachers. The three main workshops will be presented by the TESOL in Turkey trainers: Sinem Atamsoy Koşar, Funda Çetin, and Pınar Acar.   TESOL in Turkey President Bahar Gün will also make a short presentation about the association and what it has to offer for all the ELT professionals in İzmir as well as in Turkey. We believe that this event will also give professionals the opportunity to meet colleagues from other institutions and develop possibilities for collaboration. 








Strengthening Bonds through Art

“Approaching the end of another hectic academic year and feeling exhausted? You are not alone. Why not take a break via an art session in which you will be colouring and creating your own painting with 24 other colleagues from both state and private universities? You might not have the ability to paint. No worries! Most of us don’t. Remember, it is not the destination, but the journey. Meeting colleagues who have the same aims, concerns, and needs with you may help you feel stronger and result in higher motivation, productivity and performance levels at work. Just join us!” 

Venue: Studio Masterpiece, Galata

Address: Müeyyedzade Mah. Hoca Ali Sok. No: 15/A Galata / İSTANBUL

Date: June 2, 2018

Time: 13.00 – 15.00