The Promotion Council (PC) supports İngiliz Dili Öğretimi ve Mesleki Gelişim Derneği (TESOL) by disseminating information that is aligned with the association’s mission and strategic direction through various channels.

Responsibilities and Duties

The Promotion Council (PC) plans programs to generate and maintain interest in TESOL. To this end, the council shall:
develop a three-year strategic promotion plan to attract new members and to retain present ones
consider membership incentives and generate promotion ideas to attract new members
design a website for the flow of information regarding the organization’s history, mission, vision, core values, internal bylaws, events (past and future), membership opportunities/requirements, contact information, newsletter and photo gallery
contact colleagues through social media channels to keep them informed of upcoming events and the calendar for these (deadline for proposals, registration information, contact, and so on)
work in conjunction with all other TESOL Councils to keep members informed of all activities, developments and opportunities
use the social media extensively to disseminate information related to the association
prepare an annual online newsletter so as to share information regarding the association’s past and future events
encourage members to share techniques, tips, tested lessons, and practical tools and compile these in the form of a biannual online professional magazine
encourage the participation of a TESOL representative at networking events
collaborate with the Research Council to understand member expectations
collaborate with the Research Council to identify current member satisfaction (strengths and weaknesses of the association) as well as changing needs.

Duties of the PC Board Liaison (PCBL)

The PCBL works with members of the PC on all of the above-listed duties and is responsible for the following:
delegating tasks to the members of the council
overseeing that activities and task are being completed as planned and according to schedule
supervising all social media postings
editing the annual online newsletter
editing the biannual professional magazine
seeking the approval of the Board of Directors on potential promotion strategies
collaborating with the other board liaisons to ensure the smooth flow of information between councils
updating members on their membership status

Terms of Service

The PC shall consist of 5 to 8 members and a board liaison.
Members are appointed by the TESOL Board of Directors through an application process, the details and calendar of which are announced on the TESOL web site. The application solicits information regarding the applicants’ knowledge of the strategic direction of the association, length of involvement with TESOL, professional training, computer skills and relevant experience. Once appointed, council members make a one-year commitment to serve. They may seek to renew their commitment annually for up to three years of service. The Board of Directors ensures adequate membership to enable to the PC to carry out its duties and responsibilities.

Membership Criteria

Applicants should have knowledge of the strategic direction of the association and demonstrate strong commitment to the organization. They should also have strong communication and computer skills (Microsoft Office, email systems, social media, and preferably in web page design). When selecting members to the PC, the Board of Directors, in addition to the above criteria, shall take into consideration the balance between state versus foundation university representation on the council as well as the balance between geographical representation.

Promotion Council Members 

Sibel Tüzel Kandiller (Freelance) - Promotion Council Board Liaison

Mehmet Derviş Saltık (Izmir University of Economics)

Hande  Çalık (Yaşar University)

Melis Akdoğan Gündoğdu (TOBB University of Economics and Technology) 

Sibel Taşkın Şimşek (Sabancı University) 

Şila Yosulçay (Sabancı University) 

Yaprak Güleç Öğütçü (METU)