Welcome to the webpage of the TESOL Turkey Leadership & Management Special Interest Group!


We believe that leaders and managers in foreign language education play a vital role in fostering quality. While teachers in the classroom will always be the most important component in assuring student success, they need administrative support and leadership to maximise their own potential and the potential of their programs.

However, for members of the foreign language teaching profession, there are few opportunities to gain expertise and experience in management and leadership skills which are so necessary to give full support to teachers and programs. Nevertheless, TESOL Turkey LAMSIG is one important way in which foreign language teaching professionals can contribute, share and gain know-how about all aspects of leadership and management.

If you have an interest in how foreign language teaching programs can most effectively manage and lead their resources to give students the best possible opportunities to be successful, we invite you to join us in the TESOL Turkey LAMSIG. Together we can do great things!