TESOL Turkey Special Interest Groups Bylaw


The purpose of a Special Interest Group (SIG) is to create a platform where members who share interest in a particular area may work together on a specific set of concerns, collect and disseminate information on the specialty, and exchange opinions as well as expertise through the following activities:

a)  an annual online newsletter,

b) a Pre-Conference event at the TESOL Turkey Annual Conference,

c) a biennial SIG Conference,

d) monthly workshops or seminars,

e) working groups for research, and development.

Creation of a SIG

SIGs may be proposed by any TESOL Turkey member in good standing as long as the area of specialty is relevant to the mission and goals of the Association. To propose a SIG, the proposer shall send a proposal to the Board of Directors. The proposal must include:

a)  the name and scope of the SIG,

b)  its mission statement,

c)  the proposed Bylaw,

d) the proposed budget for the first year's operation,

e)  the names and signatures of minimum ten (10) members –in good standing- willing to join the SIG,

f)  the names and bio-data of the proposed officers of the SIG's Executive Committee (for each position specified in the proposed Bylaw)

g)  a letter from each member of the proposed SIG's Executive Committee affirming that the person is an active Member of TESOL Turkey and willing to serve if appointed.

The Board of Directors will not consider a proposal until all of the above requirements are met. A SIG is created upon the approval of the majority of the Board of Directors (three of the five members) and governed by a set of bylaws which defines the activities and executive committee of that SIG.

SIG Executive Committee

An Executive Committee may comprise between 3 to 5 members. All members of SIG Executive Committees and candidates for these positions must be active members of TESOL Turkey. Each SIG must have a Coordinator and a Treasurer.


All members of a SIG may vote in any ballot conducted within that SIG.

The Executive Committee of a SIG is nominated with the approval of the simple majority of members of the SIG (50% +1) and appointed by the President of TESOL Turkey for a two-year term, which can be extended for an additional two years if so proposed again by the simple majority (50% + 1) of SIG members.

All amendments to be made to all SIG bylaws must be proposed with the approval of two-thirds (2/3) of the SIG members, must be approved by the Board of Directors

Membership and Membership Fees

SIGs are open to those who are TESOL Turkey members. All members of a SIG must pay dues as determined by the Executive Committee of the SIG with approval from the Board Directors.

Dissolution and/or Removal of Officers

Any SIG may be dissolved by the Board of Directors if its activities are considered harmful to TESOL Turkey and/or it shows no sign of existence for one year (e.g. the Coordinator cannot be reached or reports no activity).

Failure to comply with the Constitution, Bylaws, or the rules of procedure as well as failure to adequately carry out the prescribed duties of office shall be grounds for removal from the Executive Committee.

Review Cycle

The Board of Directors will conduct a review of each SIG at least once every three years to affirm that the SIG continues to function in line with its mission, that the Executive Committee complies with the SIG Bylaw and policies, and that the SIG members continue to support it. These reviews can be used as a basis for dissolutions.