Dear TESOL Turkey members,

Here comes the good news about our roadshows.

It is a great pleasure for us to announce that a new round of “TESOL Turkey Roadshows” is going to be organized in the year 2020. This means any kind of help related to Professional Development will be coming to your doorstep in your institution with these roadshows.

The theme of this year’s roadshows will be “Setting up a CPD Unit”. The institutions which are planning to establish a CPD unit or those who have recently set up one, but still have some issues to be resolved, are invited to apply. The TESOL Turkey trainers will be prepared to offer help and guidance about different aspects of establishing a CPD unit, and the universities that need guidance in this specific area are asked to apply and submit a letter of motivation together with a statement of support from the Director or Head of the School.


The deadline for application is 15 February 2020. You can apply by clicking the link below:  


Looking so much forward to working even closer with you.


Very Best Wishes,

Board of Directors

TESOL Turkey